CHANGE;peer pressure

It’s okay not to feel the goodness in you or something of the sort. This is the first step in accepting change in life. But it’s better to experience something good since too much of something is dangerous. Not all peer pressure is bad, lets talk about fitness pressure. Not all peer pressure is good; lets talk about disease contraction pressure. All this is one pressure but it’s all in one’s mindset to be controlled by all this pressure to be a peer pressure..

If one wants change they have to start it from within and let it out. If we want change in the world, it starts with you then the world. It’s from the inside to out. We often lose things which are far much important than the ‘in thing‘.

Just try as much as you can to think of your character so as to resist peer pressure that’s the only solution. Even old, young, small and others experience peer pressure. It can be of cars, shoes, technology and all others.




People’s opinions

In life, many will talk in what you’ll do, say and act. But that shouldn’t stop you to do what you want.

Most things that people say about you is just a duplicate, reflection or a mirror of them and not you.

Don’t let people’s opinion bring you down. Let them talk behind your back but you know they are behind for a reason. Just because you made a mistake and they keep talking don’t let it be an excuse let it be a motivation.

People will never like what you’re doing or saying but you know it’s your life that’s why you are living it.

Don’t prove what you are to them for you know who you are so don’t care at all.

Just leave their opinions.

  • Do whatever you want cause either way they’ll still going to talk

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Help dealing with life and depression 

  • Life can at times be difficult and you lose hope… I can relate.
  • Well you can not always know what can happened ahead. In everything that you do trust that it will work out okey😊. Believe in something and it will happened.
  • You can’t connect the dots looking forward but you can connect looking backwards. This means that when something bad or good happens in the past, you can’t see the future but later in life it might be see the result to it.
  • Maybe the harder your downfall the greater your success😊. Just hang in there life is like a roller coaster don’t stop till your ride ends💫

  • Keep living. Everyday every hour turn that pain into power✊

  • Life is like a rope, when you reach the end of it tie a knot and hang in there.

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