In this world today, there many challenges that people face that even a teenager can solve. As for this blog, I decided to write a blog in order to save the lost, broken, suicidal and the ones who are intimidated or just can’t stand up.

I want you to know that there’s never a low without a high, rain without sunshine and that we all came to this life for a purpose only that we haven’t fully realized it

We have to make each ones life easier and to make ones life a remarkable life. For it is in giving we give life to all not only to all but to us ourselves. This is my blog and a way of giving life to the few that a I caimages (6)n as a teenager.


CHANGE;peer pressure

It’s okay not to feel the goodness in you or something of the sort. This is the first step in accepting change in life. But it’s better to experience something good since too much of something is dangerous. Not all peer pressure is bad, lets talk about fitness pressure. Not all peer pressure is good; lets talk about disease contraction pressure. All this is one pressure but it’s all in one’s mindset to be controlled by all this pressure to be a peer pressure..

If one wants change they have to start it from within and let it out. If we want change in the world, it starts with you then the world. It’s from the inside to out. We often lose things which are far much important than the ‘in thing‘. 

Just try as much as you can to think of your character so as to resist peer pressure that’s the only solution. Even old, young, small and others experience peer pressure. It can be of cars, shoes, technology and all others.





Sometimes in life we tend to get angry, sad, happy, bored and all other kinds of moods. We usual tend to say that it was someones fault but in real sense it’s our blame.

Once when I was young, not that I’m old, my grandma’ found me sad after school. She came and asked me what the matter was and I told her that one of my friends made me sad. All she did was laugh which made me more angry but she said, “In this world no one is responsible for you being sad and happy, it’s all up to you. It is all your choice to be happy or sad.” But all I did was cry and say it wasn’t me but my friends fault.

But I think all she meant was that it is someones responsibility to one’s moods that I AM IN CONTROL OF THE WHEEL OF MY  LIFE. In life there 2 types of people: REACTIVE & PROACTIVE. Reactive people are like volcanoes, once an earthquake occurs it explodes and proactive people are like rivers, once an earthquake occurs they’ll just shake but still remain calm.


Let’s put it like this you’re getting ready for work then some car overtakes you, as traffic gets along, you accidentally pour coffee on your perfectly white blouse and when you reach work like two hours late for the meeting you smash your car accidentally.

In that situation it’s your choice to choose whether to let it go and laugh or be mad the whole entire day. You really don’t have to respond the way others think you should or how everyone else does it’s all up to you. The ball is in your coat.